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pink sugar

Lovely Baltimore lolita, sometimes wannabe fashionista, avid book reader, with a side of casual gamer, sugar holic and a whole lot of anime fandom.

What you will find here: Loads of indie lolita brands, lolita fashion stuffs, tons of pastel colors, occasional bitching, anime stuffs, FOOD, and my charming commentary even when you don't want it.

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Gorgeous Octopus Necklace


Gorgeous Octopus Necklace

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

Holy shit


Lookbook: Like a prayer

Coord, slightly inspired by the middle ages.


Infanta Tea Party Underdress

Thinking about all the things I can do with these babies.


Glitter Tale- [Chapter 2]

Material: Sand chiffon

Color: There are many colors available


For more information, please visit our facebook page:

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Below The Surface Of Architectures

Agency Saatchi &Saatchi Russia has made illustrations campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, entitled “Below The Surface”. Through the visuals, we discover the fictional undersides of different famous buildings. A production by Carioca Studio, to discover

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Some individual photos I took in the Garden tea Party, everyone was so amazing :D  once again, if you want your photo in full size feel free to contact me :)

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Hacker Kitty!


Hacker Kitty!